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    Apex Consulting & Surveying, Inc. (APEX), is a DBE/MBE/EBE firm headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana, provides quality services in the areas of land surveying,  transportation, public works and site development projects. APEX is also well qualified to provide environmental surveys, right-of-way engineering (INDOT prequalified) and construction staking.

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Before beginning any construction project, a topographical survey may be necessary to provide your engineer and/or architect the basis on which to design the buildings or other improvements to the property. Our topographical surveys can become the framework for your project.

Prior to appraising and acquiring land for your upcoming project, you may need to develop a right-of-way plan. APEX Consulting & Surveying, Inc. has the experience you require to prepare such a plan including the legal descriptions pertinent to your job.

Once you have secured your engineering design plans, you want to ensure your project follows those plans. Our construction staking services will provide the reference points required to guide the construction process to help keep it on schedule, on budget, and according to plan.

In addition to the above mentioned services, APEX also provides many other types of surveys including residential, subdivision and cell tower surveys.