With over 50 years of combined experience, the professionals at APEX Consulting & Surveying, Inc. are prepared to provide reliable, prompt, high quality and affordable surveying services to their clients in the Fort Wayne and surrounding areas. In addition to Topographic Surveys, Right-of-Way Engineering and Construction Staking, APEX can provide the following services:

  • Residential Surveys
    These surveys assist homeowners prepare for landscaping projects or construction planning.
  • Boundary Surveys
    APEX can provide the plat required when obtaining a mortgage which illustrates property lines, bearings and distances and total acreage along with existing improvements on the property.
  • Location Report Survey
    To prepare for the buying or selling of property, APEX can prepare a Location Report Survey detailing the condition of the property.
  • ALTA Surveys
    APEX can provide the information you need such as easements, deeds of record, rights-of-way and other standards as set forth by the American Land Title Association.
  • LOMA Surveys
    If you require an elevation survey and or topographical mapping of natural conditions in order to petition for the removal of your home from a flood map we can be of assistance.
  • Subdivision Surveys
    Subdividing a larger parcel of land in a group of lots requires boundary information, monumentation and mathematical survey information in order to create a plat which can be used for the legal description of the lots created.
  • Cell Tower Survey
    APEX has the experience and know-how to navigate the multi-layered process required to gain approval for the construction of a new cell tower and can compile all the necessary information into one final report.
  • Environmental Survey
    With this type of survey, APEX can provide, among other things, flood risk and contaminated land assessments, the potential environmental impact of your project and fire risk assessment.
  • Elevation Certificate
    In order to ensure compliance with community floodplain ordinances, determine the proper insurance premium for your property or to support a request for a Letter of Map Amendment, APEX can provide the necessary elevation information in the form of an elevation certificate.

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