When I called Apex Consulting & Surveying about getting a parcel of land surveyed that I owned, they came out within the next week to survey my property. Then I received my copy of the survey 3 days later in the mail. I was amazed how quickly they got to my request for survey. They were very reasonable on pricing and willing to answer any questions with the attitude that there are no dumb questions. I will definitely go back to this company for any other surveying jobs I have.


I had the pleasure of meeting & working with Nana on a new house I wanted to build on about 10 acres of land I owned in the country. He was willing to come to the site and check it out before quoting the price. He explained to me the necessary steps to take before starting to build. Turns out I needed more than just a survey, as I have a septic system which requires more work. He gave me the name of a person who could design my septic field and who he has been working with for many years, which saved me time from trying to find someone. Nana was so helpful and understanding of my needs that it made everything go so much smoother than if I tried to do this all on my own. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is need of a septic system design or survey.